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Livestream multiple weekly classes

Replay available for 48 hours after class

Registration required

 Each class will have its own set of music and choreography repeated weekly 


Everyone is welcome at Pop Queen Cardio! No experience necessary. Our class is a follow the leader style cardio dance program combining fun and easy to follow steps that will keep your heart rate up. Repetition is key! The movements repeat, you are looking for patterns to follow. Each verse is the same, each chorus is the same. We repeat most routines week after week so you can catch on. 

We do not strive for perfection. In fact, we find those moments of imperfection to be where the fun lies. This class gives you a chance to get out of the stress in your mind and into your body.  


To set yourself up for success, you will need water and to clear and area around you to move. We do movements that take you side to side and front to back. Work within the space you have, no specific size of space is required. 

Can't make the scheduled livestream? No problem, a link will be emailed out to stream for 48 hours after class. 



What is Pop Queen Cardio?

Pop Queen Cardio is dance fitness to pop music that will leave you feeling energized and empowered. It is an opportunity for one solid hour to get out of your mind and into your body. We focus on repetitive choreography that allows you to pick up on patterns. Each weekly class will have its own set of songs repeated week after week. This way you have a chance to pick up on the steps and really get into that sweat! It has been dubbed as the most fun you will have sweating!

I've never danced before. Can I take this class?

Absolutely! No dance background is required, everyone is welcome! We always say this class is not about being a technically trained perfect dancer. It is about the cardio workout, having fun and feeling empowered.

How much is a virtual class?

Classes are $5 Canadian, plus Eventbrite service fees. Registration for virtual class can be refunded up to 12 hours prior to class begining.

Video is not playing smoothly. How do I fix this?

There are many factors that may cause issues. For the best livestream experience, make sure you have a fast stable internet connection. If you missed any part of class, you will be able to replay the livestream for 48 hours after class.

I can't make it anymore. Can I get a refund?

Any requested refund receieved 24 hours prior to class will be accepted. After that point no refunds will be issued. If you cannot make it, you will still recieve a link to view the livestream for up to 48 hours after class.



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